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(Laurther or Hearen 😊), the Imprint Branding creative dream team!

Hi! we're Heather and Lauren

 I’m a photographer who had a hard time figuring out how to convey the brand and culture of my business online when I first started out. The landscape of social media marketing is constantly changing, and I felt overwhelmed trying to keep up. How, what, when, and where should I post? What should I post? 

My branding photography clients expressed the same struggles. They knew they needed a gallery of images and short videos, but they didn’t have time or didn’t know how BEST to use them.   

This is where Lauren came in! She started writing for my own business (posts, blogs, website, and more). Her expertise and ideas helped my business, and me, grow. When I told people that I didn’t write my posts, they were SURPRISED and had no idea it wasn’t me (even my mom😊).  Lauren and I decided to team up and help our business friends take their brands to the next level and take some of the load off them.  

Imprint branding was born out of my own experience as a business owner.


Reading and writing were two of my hobbies as a kid (along with LOTS of ballet), and I always found so much joy in the creative outlet they gave me. After a brief stint as a middle and high school English teacher, I wanted to get back into creative work. 

When Heather and I met, I loved her photography and felt so inspired by the images she created. I wanted to do what I could to support her and her growing business, so I offered to start doing some writing for her as a creative outlet for me. From that offer, a new sense of purpose grew. I discovered how much joy I got helping others through this work, and I knew this was what I wanted to do!

I’ve been a storyteller almost since birth.


Heather and Lauren both love a good comedy or an underdog story. Life’s short, and we should laugh more and feel good!

A Good Story

Outside of Mexico, Lauren’s favorite taco place is Texy Mexy in Noblesville. Heather loves any place with good street tacos!


Heather is a proud mom of four awesome kiddos, and Lauren is a proud mom of one… dog. 😊


Between the two of us, we’ve been to over 30 countries!


Things we BOTH love:

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