Top 3 Reasons Why We Love Scheduling Social Media Posts

August 23, 2022

Media management

Social Media Management

Here at Imprint Branding, we’re big fans of scheduling social media posts. We plan out an entire month at a time, ensuring we have content to post on the days we plan to post. We marry the posts with images, and get it scheduled using an app like Later. 

We understand not everyone can sit down and plan an entire month’s worth of social media at once (that’s why people hire us!), but it can be so beneficial. Here are the top 3 reasons why we love to schedule:

Social media management

3 reasons why we love to schedule our social media post.

  1. You don’t have to remember to post.
    You’re guaranteed to have posts go out whether you remember on a given day or not. And, if you know that your audience is particularly active at 7 pm on Tuesdays, you can schedule for that time without having to try to remember or pay attention to the time closely.
  2. It saves time.
    When you set aside time to come up with a batch of posts, it’s actually faster than writing each one individually. You’re already in the mindset and, when you’re on a roll, you’ll be surprised how much you can create in a short period of time. 
  3. It keeps you consistent. Consistency is the key to success in social media. Posting regularly helps you maintain your followers by gaining their trust and interest. It also helps you more quickly learn what works and doesn’t work with your audience and can help you determine how much content you need to actually create.
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We want social media to feel real and personal, so it makes sense to share some of those real-time experiences!

On-the-fly creation

However, this is not to say that on-the-fly creation doesn’t have a place. In fact, we encourage our clients to do some on-the-fly posts when something exciting happens, or when there’s something to share that wasn’t part of the planned schedule. We want social media to feel real and personal, so it makes sense to share some of those real-time experiences!

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